You probably enjoy moving like... The Count of Monte Cristo, Cinderella Man or Gladiator. Films that stir up emotion in you. You love the idea of getting to be creative and edit from home while at the same time being apart of a company that strives to create the best product it can and serve the heck out of it customers. You see the value in consistency and are always looking for ways to streamline things. When editing you find that creating impactful scenes comes natural to you. You edit to create feelings and build a story that makes sense. If this describes you see below for me details. 


Must haves

  • Proficiency in and knowledge Final Cut Pro X
  • Knowledge of timing, motivation and continuity
  • Creative mind and storytelling skills
  • Good written and verbal communication skills
  • Passion for positively contributing to the success and reputation of Watertown Films
  • Impeccable attention to detail and organizational skills

Can do this

  • Manage Media through the entire editing process
  • Distill video content down to relatable and understandable ideas
  • Construct stories with a beginning, middle and end
  • Create rough and final cuts
  • Acquire music that fits the tone of the couple and brand.
  • Color Grading and Sound Mixing
  • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
  • Focus on continual improvement to the editing process

This might not be a good fit if...

  • You wait to the last minute to get things done.
  • You see deadlines as an enemy of your creativity vs an encouragement
  • You're a complainer, chronically late, unorganized.
  • You're not someone who want to continually learn and grow.
  • You're undependable.

If you're any of the above, this job is not for you. 


Position details

  • Salaried (TBD on experience)
  • Part Time - 24hrs a week

What you get

  • Money
  • Paid holidays and vacation
  • Flexible schedule
  • Work from home with weekly studio meetings
  • A positive, balanced work life