Contact Films

Couples book off connection and whoever connects first, in a meaningful way, gets a huge head start.


I first created my contact film because I wanted to stop meeting couples in person and start doing only phone calls prior to bookings. The downside to this is that the couple wouldn't get to see me and interact with me. I'm a firm believer that people book who they like and they can typically make that determination within a few minutes or seconds of interacting with you. So I created a film of myself, just me, no cuts to other shots, nothing special, just me, talking straight into the camera looking right at the couple on the other end of the screen. I wanted to the couple to see me... see my mannerisms, tone, and heart behind why I'm a wedding cinematographer.

This has been a huge help in allowing me to book couples solely over the phone without having to drive all over town meeting with future couples. 

Since I've done this, I've had many photographers reach out to me and want the same thing. Below are some different films showing how they have worked this out. 

A Few Examples

Here are some examples I've done for some other photographers who believe in the power of connecting through video.

Bryan Rupp

Robert Hill

Marina Koslow

Krysta Rownd

Daniel Pugh