The Proposal

After doing a crazy 12hr round trip drive from Seattle, Wa to Moscow, Id through the night and back again just so I could ask Nicole’s father for her hand in marriage without her knowing, the stage was set. On my drive back I called up my boys…you know, the guys you call when you’ve got to get shit done. Within a period of 4 hrs, all the phone calls had been made and the plans were in place. All that was left was to execute it. I chose the UW arboretum because this is where I took Nicole on our first date. Nothing says I want to get know you like a 3 hour kayak ride at 9 in the morning. So, you can imagine that this place has some special meaning to us.

Now to set the stage for you, Nicole and I have only been dating for maybe 3 months and have known each other for a total of 3 1/2 months…when you know you know, and there isn't any reason to twiddle your thumbs.

So, all I had to do was get her in a row boat and paddle her over to the spot. When you watch the film you will see that “the spot” is marked by a floating rubber ducky with a little something something attached to it.



Captured by: Fs Photography